How Communication Technology has affected our communication.

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Communication is a vital pillar to our society’s foundation. Communication is used in businesses, families, friend circles, in schools and in our government. It covers a large platform and the advancement of communication technology has helped to advance the ways in which we communicate.
Technology has also advanced communication through the invention of electronic communication devices, such as e-mail, cell phones and social media platforms.
Ways communication has been affected by Communication Technology:
The advancements in technology have changed the style, speed and quality of interpersonal communication. While these advancements can be used as a tool for productivity and an easy way to keep in touch, it can also hinder proper communication in certain situations.
Thus it is crucial to harness the power of social media platforms, e-mail and instant messaging by considering the effect these advancements has on our daily life, to make the most of what Communication Technology has to offer.
• Instant Gratification o Communication Technology has eliminated the need to wait for a letter or a call. It has given people the ability to instantly communicate with friends and family. Allowing instant gratification by means of communicating a thought or an idea with the hopes of a quick response.
• Short and Sweet o Many social media platforms limit the amount of characters a person can use, this allows the benefit of short messages that are simple and to-the-point, this in turn allows for less confusion when receiving a messages.
• Message and Tone o It has always been difficult to interpret tone through the written / typed word, since the written word lacks inflection a message can easily be misinterpreted this can lead to confusion and cause problems between you and the recipient, however when attention is paid to your writing style this can easily be solved.
• Real-Life and Online Communication o There will always be a certain amount of anonymity when using the internet and Communication Technology to communicate, this is helpful in situations that are awkward and helps to often soften a hard blow. However it is important to understand that internet communication cannot replace real-life communication or proper conflict management but, the two can be used together to transfer information, resolve conflict and maintain clear communication.
Ways communication has benefited from Communication Technology:
Communication Technology has allowed many businesses, schools and our government to broaden the way they communicate with those around them; this has led to many benefits for communication.
• Positive Influences o Communication Technology has allowed businesses, schools and governments to see the value of interacting and being a positive influence in the community by allowing them to communicate their future Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plans on social media platforms, this helps to inform the community of ways they can benefit from them.
• Social Influence o Communication Technology has allowed for other advancements such as social media platforms, these platforms allow a person, business and schools to keep in touch with friend, families and customers while also making it easier to communicate future events and plans. In this way it has simplified social interactions.
• Mass Communication o Mass Communication is a form of communication where a large amount of people are addressed at once, schools and businesses have used the advancements in communication technology to their advantage by sending e-mails and make use of e-newsletters.
• Long-Distance Communication o We use to use letters, pigeons and even older ‘runners’ to communicate. Now advancements in technology has made long-distance communications simple, cost effective an effortless.
• Communication for the Disabled o A benefit not frequently mentioned is Communication Technology’s ability to give a voice to the disabled, this is often done through electronic communication boards and specialized computer software. Social Media Platforms have also allowed the disabled to have virtual experiences for example; those who are bedbound can now virtually travel the world.
• Cost Effective Communication o Communication Technology has enabled users to avoid costs like postage, by e-mailing documents instead of mailing them. It reduces the need to send letters and spending tons of money on long-distances phone calls.
Simple Tips for Effectively Using Social Media Platforms:
Social media platforms as discussed above have many benefits and many disadvantages; however these can be simply corrected and used to your advantage.
• Be Authentic o By providing accurate information in your communication about yourself, your business or your school you are allowing the community the see a consistent message and voice, this builds trust.
• Be Transparent o Be open and honest when communication online, most people respond positively to information that allows them to understand you clearer.
• Be Consistent o Irregular Communication is a gateway for scepticism, thus it is important to engage regularly, and use content that is appropriate and relevant to each group you communicate to.
• Be Present o The community you live in will always look for authentic and transparent communication from you, thus it is important to actively listen, contribute to the conversation and provide friendly feedback, as well as insight.
In conclusion we can easily focus on the negative aspects of Communication Technology, but as discussed above Communication Technology has affected communication in a positive light as well and will continue to do so; the most important thing to remember is that your intentions are vital when using Communication Technology.

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