About Schreuder Attorneys

The firm, Schreuder Attorneys, was established in 1999 as a dynamic, boutique Law Firm within the Republic of South Africa, and today has delivered over 20 plus years of dedicated service.

The firm that is competently led by a female Principal Attorney with extensive legal knowledge and expertise, focuses on the giving of sound legal advice, and the rendering of trusted, professional and efficient legal services and solutions.

The firm conducts a wide range of legal services (see our Expertise) and specialises in Commercial, Corporate and Business Law; Commercial and Contractual Drafting; Commercial and Contractual Litigation; General Civil Litigation; Labour Law and Litigation; Adjudications and Arbitrations.

We value a respect for, and progressive knowledge of, the Law, and a proactive, diligent and hard-working work ethic amongst our practitioners. We are committed to act with integrity and honesty.

The firm has, since its inception, enjoyed numerous successes by its Principal Attorney and its practitioners for our valued clients with whom we enjoy lasting relationships.

The future depends on
what you do today

Mahatma Gandhi

Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the years, the firm and its female Principal Attorney, have contributed to charities and NGO’s of their choice, aimed to provide the advancement and growth of women and children within the Republic of South Africa, and to support the eradication of gender-based violence (GBV).  

It has always been in our nature to encourage, and to be a proactive and supportive foundation for, professionalism within the legal industry through guidance and mentorship. The firm has in the past, and continues today, to employ highly competent female professionals and skilled staff with varied backgrounds, experiences, training and qualifications and who are valued for their loyalty and respected for their positivity and results-driven attitudes.  

Through our guidance and mentorship, a number of skilled professionals who commenced with their legal journey with the firm, have not only succeeded in other law firms but have also opened their own firms as a way of giving back to their communities.

Our Objectives

  • To create value for, and be of assistance to, our clients.
  • To exceed our clients’ expectations, by being attentive to their best interests.
  • To provide trusted, efficient and professional service, with a personal approach.
  • To commit to service excellence, through accountability, proactive and innovative problem-solving, exceptional communication skills, competencies and abilities to work with a variety of persons.
  • To maintain our passion for law.
  • To provide guidance and mentorship to aspiring talent and skill within the legal profession.