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Never test the depth of a river
with both feet.

Warren Buffet

Wherever you are
be totally there.

Eckhart Tolle

About Us

Schreuder Attorneys is a dynamic, boutique law firm with an outstanding record since its inception in 1999.

We understand that to achieve the best results, we need to work as a trusted advisor and legal service provider to our clients.

We see the real value that comes from building lasting relationships with clients and, where we can, support their businesses as much as they support ours.

An active and registered member of the Legal Practice Council (LPC)


To lead by example and develop, inspire, and grow professionalism and expertise in the legal industry, through guidance and mentorship. To make a marked contribution and difference to the people we encounter, and to support the upliftment and growth of women and children within the Republic of South Africa.


The Firm is dedicated to creating value for, and to being of assistance to our valued clients. The Firm strives to provide trusted, efficient and effective service, and to promote proactive and progressive solutions. We are committed to the highest of work standards through accountability, exceptional communication skills, and competency, whilst still maintaining our passion for the Law.


We value a positive respect for, and progressive knowledge of the Law. To the best of our abilities, we are committed to maintain and promote Our Objectives and to act with integrity and honesty.

Our Expertise

• Corporate, Business and Commercial Law
• Commercial and Contractual Drafting
• Commercial and Contractual Litigation
• Labour Law and Labour Litigation
• General Civil Litigation
• Arbitrations and Adjudications
• Property Law
• Environmental and Administrative Law
• Family and Matrimonial Law
• General Debt Collection

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