Corporate Social Responsibility

The firm, led by a female principal attorney, presently employs highly competent professionals and administrative staff, most of whom are female, who are goal and result oriented.

It has always been our nature to be an inspiration and a foundation of professionalism in the legal industry to both existing and upcoming attorneys through guidance and mentorship.

To date Schreuder Attorneys has mentored a number of PDI Candidate Attorneys who have secured full time employment with other firms, or who have started practising for their own account, as a way of giving back to the community.

We are presently active on the following:

  • Law Society Of the Northern Province’s Probono Scheme: designed to address the needs of individuals or groups with limited means acquire access to legal services.
  • LIPCO: placed on their data base of attorneys to assist with any referral cases for individuals of limited means
  • NDA (National Development Agency) : listed on the attorneys’ panel to assist with legal services